Things to remember while using anal sex toys

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Despite the fact that numerous studies have repeatedly confirmed the benefits of sex, masturbation and regular orgasms , there is an opinion in our society that best anal dildos and other products that help diversify and fill sex life with new sensations, can’t are useless.

Sex toys – harm or benefit

People, who are categorically opposed to erotic toys, cite as evidence of their point of view many arguments based on prejudice. They say that toys are addictive, harmful to male and female intimate health, that only those who are deprived of “normal” sex, or even perverts, use the goods for adults.

At the same time, no research has confirmed the hypothesis that the use of sex toys in the long term can reduce the sensitivity of the genitals or cause any other harm to health. Of course, provided that the person uses the toy for its intended purpose, it acts in accordance with the instructions and follows the elementary rules of hygiene.

Yes, it also happens that a person is very keen on using intimate accessories, because sex toys are made to give a little more concentrated sensations than most of us used to experience in sex. But experts say: for a healthy person with a stable psyche, “tying” with a vibrator and, if necessary, having “simple” sex with a partner is not difficult.

Most sexologists agree that products for adults are needed by all, without exception primarily for the study of their own sexuality, as well as to create harmonious intimate relationships in a couple. Here are 8 more cases when products from the sex shop will be recommended to you even by a doctor.

Vacuum pump for the prevention and treatment of erection problems

If a man is not able to maintain an erection in more than 25% of the sexual acts that he is trying to commit, the doctor will make a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. If you are among the “unlucky ones” who develop erectile dysfunction of vascular genesis this may accompany atherosclerosis or diabetes mellitus, the doctor will definitely recommend doing LOD therapy. The abbreviation “LOD” stands for “local negative pressure” and the instrument of such treatment at home is a vacuum pump.

Urologists recommend vacuum procedures to patients without a permanent sexual partner, as well as a means of rehabilitation after operations on the prostate and penis, in diabetes and penile arteriosclerosis. Always use the pump strictly in accordance with the instructions, as the created pressure violates the outflow of blood from the penis, and the benefits are easily detrimental.

Kegel trainers during pregnancy and after childbirth

The pelvic muscles play a very important role in the female body – they, like a bowl, supports the internal organs. During pregnancy, this area is experiencing increased stress – the fetus grows the weight of the uterus increases. Not surprisingly, the pelvic floor muscles are deformed. This is an absolutely normal process, which a woman, however, can keep under control.

In order not to lead to postpartum complications and surgery, gynecologists sometimes prescribe Kegel workouts to patients already in early pregnancy. Kegel exercises reduce the risk of tearing and other damage during labor. And the recovery in the postpartum period will also go much faster. To date, there is no more effective way to bring intimate muscles in tone than Kegel simulators.

Another reason to go into a sex shop during pregnancy is sex toys and sex pillows. Female libido during this period of life behaves unpredictably, it is likely that the need for sexual satisfaction will increase, but the process of love games may become much less convenient for both. Get quality orgasm in complete security will help quality products good sex shop.

Prolonging lubrication with premature ejaculation

From the point of view of Russian medicine, sexual intercourse should last at least 2 minutes 10 seconds. According to the European classification, premature ejaculation is the inability to prevent an orgasm, regardless of the duration of sexual contact. The causes of this male problem can be very diverse: from psychological problems to testosterone deficiency.

In order to determine the causes of the problem, the doctor first of all will send a “quick-fire” to the sex shop for condoms thicker and prolonging means. If the duration of the “session of love” has increased by 3-4 times, the problem is limited by the high sensitivity of the head of the penis, which means the prolonging sprays, gels and lubricants are now the best friends of this patient.

Treatment of vaginismus with a vibrator

Vaginismus – convulsive contraction of the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor, negatively affecting the ability of a woman to participate in any form of vaginal penetration. True vaginismus (i.e., vaginismus not associated with physical injuries, but with all sorts of psychological causes) is treated, not least with the help of a vibrator (clitoral or small vaginal).

The rehabilitation process can be continued at home. In this case, vibro-stimulation will reduce sensitivity and improve blood flow.

Cream for the treatment of dry menopause

Women in the “golden age” who experience vaginal dryness, problems with the tone of the muscles of the pelvic floor (and all the resulting difficulties), as well as in no hurry to give up a full sexual life, advanced doctors recommend to go shopping in a sex shop.

It is advised to put care and moisturizing intimate lubricants, Kegel trainers or vaginal balls, as well as myo-stimulants into the basket. The latter will not only help to “pump up” intimate muscles, but also present new sensations that are so lacking at this age.

Prostate massage at home

Even if you have not been diagnosed with prostate or prostate, but you are at risk because of an inactive lifestyle, a sedentary profession, or a hereditary predisposition to these diseases, the doctor will recommend that you take prostate health under control with regular massage treatments.

Of course, there are 2 possibilities before every man: systematically go to a prostate massage session in the medical room or get a prostate massager in the sex shop to get rid of the need to let nurses into the halls of his soul. Do not forget to add to purchase a large bottle of anal lubricant.

Intimate life with too big or too small member

A member of less than 7 centimeters is called micro penis and is pathology, not a reason for jokes. After puberty, this problem is treated only with the help of surgical intervention. Alternatively, the doctor will suggest a man to use toys from the sex shop. For example, penis attachments, giving a partner a sense of missing centimeters.

Another option that exists in the sex shop is the extender. This device operates according to the Ilizarov type of device – causing slow stretching of the penis membranes. The use of an extender is often assigned with penis enlargement surgery. Extenders are effective on their own. The key rule – act in strict accordance with the instructions.

If the size of the male member is more than 18 centimeters, it can also cause difficulties in intimate life. The fact is that sex with a very large member is a danger to the health of a partner. But the operation to reduce the penis does not guarantee 100% preservation of erectile function and sensitivity.

Men with “great dignity” can help out only restrictive rings on the penis, which can easily be found in a good store for adults. In principle, such a popular sex toy as an erection ring is suitable for this purpose – just put the device on a few inches beyond the base of the penis.