How is sex different from each generation?

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In essence, we all love sex. From morning cuddling that leads to pretty explicit stuff to late-night squeezes during those long, cold winters, it’s safe to say that intercourse plays a massive part in every human’s life. And how could it not? It’s the basis of procreation, and we wouldn’t be here talking to you if two people didn’t get together in sweet harmony.


However, it seems like each new generation looks at making love in a different light. From kinks and fetishes to sex positions and how open they are about it, kids these days are quite different from what they were just one generation ago. We’ll, therefore, try to demystify this notion and explore whether such claims are true. Do join us, please.

Introductory Thoughts About Sex

Lovemaking and our sexualities are undeniable parts of who we are. But aside from procreation, intercourse is also about being intimate with another person and receiving pleasure. Moreover, sex is the source of numerous health benefits that help us function properly during the day. For example, even the classic penis-vagina action results in physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits.


Yet, being sexually active isn’t just about health benefits. It’s more about recognizing how important it is to live a happy life. Participating in it will bolster your confidence and even make you appear younger due to the estrogen our brains release during the deed. Furthermore, sex is a social thing too. It helps people connect, develop relationships, and, more importantly, bond with one another.

On the other hand, sex is a great way to escape the harsh reality around you. Coming home after a hard day at work, taking a shower, and masturbating with a sex toy or two is a perfect way to release stress. Of course, the same works if your partner’s waiting for you in bed, regardless of whether you have adult toys or not. And if you include a kink or two, well, your sex can really be on fire. It’s as simple as that.

Perceptions in Generation Sex Activities

The difference in generational sex is best seen if you compare teens and men and women in their 50s and above. Namely, the older you get, the less you’re open to talking about sex, experimenting, and being overtly sexual. Of course, this is in general, and many old folks branch out of this notion. But even if the majority doesn’t do the above-mentioned, it doesn’t mean that they don’t think or practice sexual intercourse.


Opposite to them, teens are all about exploring carnal pleasure for the first time. From leveling up from one base to another, every small sexual moment seems big in their eyes. Sex is fun, exciting, and new. As such, it’s all they think about. From the moment they wake up to going to bed, young people imagine, fantasize, and plan what their next sex experience will be. And that’s normal. Their elders were the same.

Does Sex Become Boring When You Grow Old?

There’s a common misconception that sex becomes boring when you grow old. You see it all, experience all kinds of sensations and positions, so you stop participating in lovemaking. However, this is nothing short of false. The older you get, the more knowledge about sex you gain, so you stop doing things you don’t enjoy. In other words, mature men and women develop specific tastes that they cherish and pursue.

Older people are well-aware of what they want from their partner, their experience, and how to conduct it. They’ve been through the thick and thin of sex, and experiencing jaw-dropping moments has become less common. However, none of these make mature sex less fun. In some ways, their experience and knowledge of the human body can be the source of kinkastic fun that leaves youngsters in awe.

What Makes Sex Different According to Younger Generations?

Some studies suggest that modern society is far from what it was some decades ago in terms of sex. Namely, premarital intercourse and LGBTQ+ rights are enjoying their all-time highs, all thanks to new generations, namely the millennials and generation Z. But this isn’t that strange. If you compare the generations born in the early 1900s and their baby boomer kids, you will find differences that were even more drastic.


However, it’s not all progressive. These same studies show us that teens nowadays have fewer partners than their moms and dads did. Although it might seem strange, they’re way pickier and don’t sleep with anybody for the sake of it. Of course, this isn’t bad, as it significantly lowers unwanted pregnancies and STI transmissions. However, it might also mean they have unrealistic expectations from themselves and potential partners.

It Ends Up With Subjectivity

So, what’s the conclusion to this topic? Well, it’s mostly the same as it is with all other sex-related stuff. How much someone enjoys sex isn’t necessarily based on their age, gender, or sexual orientation. It’s actually all subjective. The way one person sees sex in their mind isn’t necessarily the same as you’ll see it. Moreover, it might not even come close to your ideas, as we’re all individuals and have unique kinks and fetishes that make us click.


Sex and age comparison might be interesting for statistics. However, in real life, these two are categories of their own. Being 50 or above doesn’t strip people from their sexuality — or sexiness. In fact, it can add to their appeal. Interestingly enough, many teens are into mature porn and find milfs, cougars, and sugar daddies more fun than their peers.


The same goes for teens and young adults. If you’re around 20, you might have the best time of your sexual life. Everything will be new and exciting as you’ll learn stuff about your body and how to please a partner. The lack of knowledge might also be a turn-on for mature partners, as they might see in you what they saw in someone years ago. Therefore, sex comparisons are usually unimportant, and we shouldn’t stress about them so much.