About Me

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I always love telling the story of why my blog that mostly talks about sex is called twosweetsbakeshop.com. Well, I was a baker during my 20s, and boy did I bake a lot of cake! Baking made me a lot of money, but it took a lot of time from me. There was one night before my 3oth birthday when I realized how time flew by. I was so busy baking, that I did not have much time to go out, meet more people, and get laid more.

I got laid from time to time, but I felt the changes in terms of performance as I aged. It may not be too late, since being in my 30s is not old-old, you know. But, I want to educate more men and women on how it is like being in your 30s, so you can prepare, enjoy life in your 20s, and continue being happy in your 30s!

Okay, enough about me. This blog offers articles that talk about different topics that my team and I write. Topics include self-care, differences between age groups in terms of sexual performance, and plenty of sex toy product reviews. I will throw in a couple of controversial topics every now and then, and you do not want to miss that!

I hope that you follow my blog and share with me your stories. I promise to read your messages and might decide to feature them especially if they add value to your fellow-readers. I cannot wait to hear from you!

Welcome to Two Sweets Bake Shop!